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- Research project

Between 2011-13 we undertook an Arts Council funded research project into models of 'scratch', work-in-progress, and artist support. For the written aspect of this project, click here.


An article about our relationship with pop culture and how we deal with that in our work - with particular reference to Big Hits.
This article was written for and first published in early 2013 in adjunct issue #1 by Cambridge Junction.
Read the article here.

- You cheatin' pillagin' word embezzlin' bandit

A letter-writing project we did when on residency at Arnolfini in 2011.
We were commissioned to respond to the venue's 50th Anniversary theme: The Apparatus of Culture. We wrote a series of letters to each other over the 3 month residency, publishing them on our website, Arnolifini's website and in the Arnolfini reading room. We didn't discuss the content of the letters outside of the letters themselves at all during the time. The title of this project comes from a piece in a Cosima von Bonin exhibition that was running in the gallery while we were there.

- 140 Characters (or less)

A Twitter based project we also did when on residency at Arnolfini in 2011.
Hester issued instructions to Lucy and Jen via Twitter and L&J responded via Twitter. We were interested to see if, by mimicking the dynamic we would usually have in a rehearsal room, any useful text could be generated on this platform that might in theory be able to be used in performance. There was a live feed into the Arnolfini cafe for the 1-month duration of the project.

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