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Responses to Number 1, The Plaza:

"Number 1, the Plaza...strips away all the illusions of theatre with a vengeful fury. Then it wipes the audience's face in it."
Lyn Gardner, Guardian

"compulsive to watch...so hideously hilarious and complex"
Billy Barrett, A Younger Theatre

"the art form itself pushed to the brink of extinction"
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

"racingly intelligent"
Matt Trueman

"GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN are clearly at home in the theatre, and fear absolutely nothing...a perfect demonstration of what THE VAN is all about."
Lisa Buckby, Slate The Disco

"GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN coming across like a coprophiliac Vladimir and Estragon with a taste for cheap Chardonnay, their clingy, abusive gold lamé doubleact imploding as they flail and stagger across the stage, exposed, slick and sticky."
Natasha Tripney, The Stage

"an unflinchingly challenging viewing experience...that prickles away at my mind in the minutes, hours and days after."
Catherine Love, Exeunt

@Sleepw_lk Jesus, @GETINTHEBACK's "Number 1, The Plaza" at @ForestFringe was sublime, an exquisitely choreographed car crash, un-look-away-from-able.

@RichardDufty Number 1 The Plaza by @GETINTHEBACK @ForestFringe was absolutely brilliant. Makes a lot of @edfringe look a bit dull

@beescope And then there was my first time with @GETINTHEBACK: utterly, brilliantly confounding. I hated most of it, & then it turned out I was wrong.

@WannabeWarhol You pushed us hard with theatre to penetrate our defence. You changed us, made us question ourselves & theatre-making. Cheers @GETINTHEBACK

@chaptergallery @GETINTHEBACK we'd love you to come back! A fantastically dark and hilarious show. Just brilliant! X

@VeaBrowne @GETINTHEBACK piss me off and stir me up like no one else #compliment

@aliciajturner @GETINTHEBACK were utterly and unflinchingly brilliant last night, but Defying Gravity is STILL stuck in my brain.

@aaronzimbra I want to see No. 1 The Plaza again already. @GETINTHEBACK

@SuHewlett First time watching @GETINTHEBACK #Number1ThePlaza @artsadm Powerful forces at work up there last night. Thankyou x

@Jordananan Just witnessed one of the most phenomenal pieces of theatre I've ever seen... Well done @GETINTHEBACK. Well freaking done.

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